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Supporting adults with learning disabilities and Autism

Lots of Care provide a service caring for adults 18+ who have been diagnosed with having a learning disability, autism or both.

What service is offered for individuals with a learning disability?

We offer a wide range of services for individuals with a learning disability, autism or both to encourage them to live an individual life.


The type of services include:

  • Personal care

  • Help with managing tasks, such as shopping and finances

  • Help with monitoring health and practising good hygiene and wellbeing

  • Help with cleaning and meal preparation

  • Help with monitoring nutrition and weight

  • Medication assistance 

  • Help with structuring routines 

  • Activities to encourage independent living

It's really important that we get to know all of our clients before we discuss the type of care that is required. We do this in an assessment where we will ask you various questions.


These questions will be based around the following topics:

  • What are your likes/dislikes

  • What are your hobbies

  • What can you do independently

  • Tell us about your family

  • Tell us about your friends

  • Tell us about your goals and aspirations

If you prefer, we can ask these questions to a family member, a friend or social worker.


Our team of highly trained and compassionate staff members is committed to promoting independence, well-being, and a sense of belonging for all individuals in our care. All staff receive full training and are sensitive to each person's needs. We aim to have the same person delivering care so that our clients are reassured with seeing a familiar face.

Over time your needs may change and our staff are there to review this with you on a regular basis. We will continuously review your support with you to ensure you are happy with the service and support you are receiving.

Call us today to discuss your needs.

01284 334 481

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